Customised Alarm Systems

We can supply, install and service Bosch Alarm Systems (Solution 8/16) to suit your needs.

Our services range from just a basic installation to the most complex of systems, complete with features such:

  • Partial arming for multi storied houses, allowing you to arm the entire house whilst away, or just downstairs of a night time allowing you to walk around freely upstairs
  • Petitioning, typically recommended for office/industrial use where different rooms/levels require separate arming
  • Detection adjustment for pets allowing the alarm system to scan at heights which would detect a human but not a small pet
  • Individualised Alarm Codes, this way no one has to share their code, convenient if people wish to use a code already significant to them such as their Iphone lock code or Credit Card pin
  • Code Logging, a means of tracking everyone who has armed or disarmed the alarm system complete with ID and time stamps
  • Back to Base Monitoring, this feature will initiate a phone call or an alert in the case the Alarm is set off


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